Iphone Photo Explosion...Again.

Ivy LOVES getting kisses & pauses, stays still & makes this sweet expression when she's getting kisses.

She is also obsessed with touching, patting, pinching, & ripping off faces with her baby claws. 

 Yesterday I was taking this picture as we were walking down the stairs.
 All of a sudden Weston burped & Ivy turned & stared at him.
I thought I was going to fall down the stairs. It was so funny.
  Overall, we have ourselves a VERY happy baby. I am so spoiled rotten with her.
Except, she's started not sleeping at night (she goes to bed fine, just doesn't stay asleep)
 But when she wakes up in the morning or naps I get greeted with this.
It is so very rewarding.
I love my sweet Ivy.
More face obsessing.
Seriously, you cannot hold this girl & not have her grabbing at your face.
I love it. 
 It's okay, you can die over this adorable, pudgy hand, too.

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