HBD Weston!

A big happy birthday to Weston!

I love being married to Weston so much.

He is truly the best dad. He is so loving & so tender with Ivy. He also likes to wrestle with her & she loves it. She adores Weston more than anyone. Ivy shares #1 daddy fan spot with me.

He is such a supportive husband & father. Weston is always doing everything he can to help Ivy & to help me with Ivy.  My mom & grandmother are constantly reminding me how blessed I am to have such a helpful husband. I know he is & I know I am blessed.

Weston is always doing his best to do what is best for our little family unit.

He makes Ivy & me a priority even with working full time & taking 8 credits of classes. He is so busy all the time, yet he still chisels time into each day to make sure Ivy & I know how much he loves us. I am so lucky. She is so lucky.

I have loved being married to him. This guy has such a good sense of humor & is ALWAYS SMILING. Really, he is a beam of sunshine. I am always reminded of what a blessing that is when people tell me how happy and loving my husband is.

He gives me the royal treatment always. Seriously, he is so kind & bends over backwards to make me happy.

He is so selfless. I mean, really selfless. He supports me in EVERY goal I set. I am so lucky to have such a supportive husband. He also has told me that he will work 5 jobs if he has to to provide for our family to make it an option for me to stay home and raise our kids.

Ivy, our future babies & I are all so lucky to have Weston. Family is #1 to him & he shows me that daily.

He is such a helpful person. He pulls over to help every stranded person on the side of the road. He regularly gave rides home to people. He grabs doors for every person behind us walking through it, he offers to load peoples groceries into their cars when we're walking back to ours, & he helps every elderly woman down the stairs by offering his arm.

He is the kindest person I know. He is kind do everyone & is no respecter of persons, aka he is equally nice to everyone.

He has an itch for justice. He never would "take advantage of the system," just because he can. He is really big on doing what is right. Lucky me to have such a steadfast husband, with a desire to do good.

He is a very hard worker. Weston works so hard to do well in school.  When school is tough, he takes it on as a challenge.

Happy 27th birthday to my favorite guy, #1 fan & daddy of our baby.

I love you, Weston!

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