My Anti-Drug

A little bit of what I've been up to.
My sister & I are working on the thing I mentioned previously, but I have also been getting caught up in documenting my family as well.

I am all about photo books. I made the far left book of me & Weston's engagement pictures for a sign in book at our wedding. Well, I lost it right before the wedding. I'd put it in an obscure pocket of my suitcase. Well, I found it later & was so happy I hadn't had people scribbling on it & children poking out our eyes!
For our first wedding anniversary I made Weston that next book. I printed it through Costco as a 12"x12" book. It was simple & a little ghetto on the inside. I treasure it, though. The third book is our year 2 book. I am almost finished with our Year 3 book & am about to print it & am working along with time on our Year 4 book. The fourth book pictured is my most recent project. It's my pregnancy journal of being pregnant with Ivy.  I worked on it all throughout my pregnancy & just had my last couple weeks to finalize to print the book. It is so special to me.  I printed it big as well, so I could have a uniformed book collection documenting our family life.

These books have taken me SO MUCH TIME. & they have each been worth every second spent & so much more.
I have another project I'm working on that won't be done for a few more months, but, guys, I'm really excited about it.

Cute Ivy is doing so well & this week we have mastered taking naps. She & I are both so much better because of it. I have my happy, smiley girl back. & she is back to her old active, smiley self. It's so wonderful.

We are so excited for what our future holds, but honestly, right now is so good. We are so blessed.
& a big thank you to my parents for housing us right now while Weston is working & going to school. It is really helping us save & pay off our NEW CAR!

I realize I never blogged about this.
Weston, with the help of my dad & brother, searched so desperately for a good car for us to buy. Used or (cheap) new. Well, we got one! We got a steal of a deal. & Weston, Ivy & I drove to South Carolina to buy it.  We love our car & are so happy to have a reliable set of wheels!
I'll add pics of that beauty later.


  1. Your life is good and I need you to help me with my books. EEEK!

  2. Love the books!! I started making family books last year and now have one for 2009-20012. I'm working on 2013 now and it is my favorite project! They are such a sweet thing to look through.


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