Yesterday we went out on the town.
Nashville was calling our name.
So was an information meeting at a local PA school.
We made it a family affair.
Ivy was SUCH a good sport from the get go.
After I got her ready, she just sat and admired her shoes the whole time I was getting ready.
Two thumbs up to you, Ivy Jane!
We had lots of trunk diaper changes
Why so tense?
Lots of close time with Daddy, too!
Her & I both love having him around!
When we got home we were all wiped. But Ivy had another activity on the brain.
We've been gifted a lot of books from Nana, Jenna, Jen, Diana, Ali & some others that I've collected.
We heart reading!
That was our weekend!
It was a fun Saturday & Ivy slept through the whole meeting. Score. Best baby ever.


  1. I need to chat with you about this! Did you like the PA school?

  2. That was fun to read and to see your pictures, Rachel! Glad you could get this time together to do something you like. The pictures are so fun and really you are making history with them and this blog! Great job!


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