Mom of the Year

Last week Ivy went through a growth spurt.
I know this, because our happy, awesome sleeper was a eating, cranky, non-sleeping machine.
Plus her clothes didn't fit her overnight.

We did a lot of bouncing, singing, swaying, silly faces, talking, laughing, and crying.
I was so tired & used my favorite tools to play mom for me.
One of them is my Ergobaby carrier.
Some days it's the only way I can get anything done, or the only thing that will get her to sleep!
One night after trying to get her to bed for hours, I laid her up in front of a movie in my room, because she loves watching the tv lights. So, I figured she could fall asleep that way so I could fall asleep....
but she looked like this.
I turned the movie off & propped a bottle to get her to eat herself to sleep.
True love and sacrifice right there.
Well, we must have both fallen asleep, because I woke up the next morning.... when I looked over to pull the bottle off her, the bottle was full of dry formula. I fed her the dry bottle of powder instead of the bottle I made.

Where's my MOTY trophy?

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  1. Cute story but the thing that really captures my imagination and delight is this absolutely DARLING picture of you, Rachel! You are so photogenic! Cutest picture of you! I love it! Great one of Miss Ivy peering over her carrier, too! Made me smile!


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