A Night Out

Tonight my awesome mom offered to watch Ivy while we went on a date! Oh it was so fun to spend time with Weston!
Thank you mom!

We went to The factory for a crafty evening at Third Coast Clay. Ah, if I had my own house right now I'd be filling it with tons of hand painted pottery. Basically, it's a good thing we don't have our own house right now! Thank you mom and dad for giving us a nice roof over our heads right now!!

I discovered a new side of my husband... Or my husband discovered a new side of himself.
I like to call it the "takes arts and crafts very serious" side of himself. I will post more info about Weston's other crafting experiences later.
A little pottery selfie
Measuring, because a "to scale" practice is necessary.
His finished product. How cute is that? He now has his own bedside table coaster.
The grand finale of our date is called the "take shelter, you are in extreme iminent danger" portion. 

There were storm warnings for tonight. We went on our date. When we left The Factory it wasn't even raining. By the time we got to costco it was drizzling and  lightning/thunder. When we got to Backyard Burger for dinner, it was thunder storming. When we ran up to the counter with our food that had just been delivered and asked for it to be bagged so we could leave, it was raining sheets and the tornado sirens were on. We ran to the car and started driving home. We made it out of the parking lot and pulled into hhgregg and ran inside soaking wet and asked where we could find shelter. They looked at us like we were crazy. So we helped ourselves back to the employee only area and stayed in the stairwell till the tornado sirens ceased. Then we drove home. While we kept getting nws texts and alerts about extreme iminent danger in Fanklin and to take shelter immediately. Trees were down on Del Rio so we had to go backwards. But we finally made it home safe. It's official, I've been given the real deal welcome back to Tennessee!

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  1. I really LOVED reading about this fun date of yours! Weston, you are the only one who has ever made that huge chair look small. Amazing! Loved your coaster, too! You both are such beautiful people! I know I am prejudiced but it's true! You make me want to go to the Pottery place and make something for myself. It has been such a loong time since I have done this and it sure looks like fun!


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