A New Kind of Friday Night

Once upon a time I loved going out on Friday nights.

Now, I am in my dreamland catching my blog up to speed.

For real, I got the baby to bed by 8.

Weston is working the night shift & Ivy is passed out listening to perfect ocean waves & dreaming of St. Augustine. One day, little one.

It is so quiet. I'd go to sleep, but then I'd miss soaking this in. 
& you'd obviously miss reading my completely interesting blog.


  1. Those are my Friday nights too!

    Going to the club? Whhhhatttt? Not for me. Not anymore.

  2. You girls are really maturing into the young women you were meant to be! Truly being a wife and mother can really turn the maturation process up a billion notches! Not that you were immature women but that the learning process really escalates when you make the choice to marry and have children. Guess that is why Mother Eve made the wise decision she did. I am still learning and I am old as dirt (as they say.)


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