Ivy's Blessing Day

Franklin, TN

Weston blessed Ivy at church on Sunday & it was an incredible experience.

We missed having Danielle, Sean & Spencer & Weston's family there for the blessing.

It was really nice weather all week...Sunday we woke up & it was cold & rainy!
So we didn't get many pictures that day.
& Ivy was obviously ready to eat...she was a little fussy, but I didn't want her to spit up during the blessing, so she waited until after!
It was a beautiful blessing & felt so good to be back to church again for the first time in a long while.

Learn more about my church HERE.
I'll be posting pictures of her & her dress hopefully sometime this week.

photo cred: Chase


  1. Can't wait to see more pics of Ivers in her dress and PS, you look great!!! What a babe! Miss all of you wonderful people!! Mwah!

  2. Thanks for the kiss, Danielle, a month later! It was a special day and the fact that it was so rainy, well, it made it even more memorable. The Stolworthy/Brinkerhoff's will not be detained however, and pictures were snapped in the drizzles and I think they are quite nice. Looking forward to getting the blessing dress pictures published for all to see. That beautiful dress made by my daughter, Kari, was amazing! Ivy was the perfect little princess in it and her blessing was really beautiful! Having your own dad give you a blessing is not something to take for granted! One day she will be baptized by him and another day, he will be her witness in another white dress in the Holy Temple! All of these ordinances and occasions are so very important to her, to her family and extended family, and to our Lord. Such a Happy Blessing Day!


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