Happy 3 months!

This little toot is 3 months old today!

Even though this picture doesn't show it, she is SUCH a happy & smiley baby. I feel SO blessed to not only get our sweet baby, get her here safely, but to have such a happy little one.
I know that, because one of my brother's, eh hem Spence,  cried until he was 3. Literally. (Come to find out later he had horrible food allergies, poor kid)

I think back on the day Ivy was born & how so very happy I am that modern medicine exists. Because she was breech we were supposed to have a scheduled c-section. Because she wasn't moving much & I had horribly high blood pressure, we had an emergency c-section a couple days before our scheduled one.

She hadn't been moving very well for weeks. But her heartrate was always ok, so she stayed inside baking longer. She had her umbilical wrapped around her neck 4 times.
If c-sections didn't exist she & I would have both died in labor.

She's a miracle in so many different ways!

Happy 3 months Ivy!

Not only is Ivy 3 months into life, this boy gets HOME in 3 months.
This marks the halfway point between her birth & his return after 2 years.
I miss my baby brother so much.
Mexico, enjoy him for 3 more months (+ or - a few days), because after that I get him!
I love reading Spencer's weekly e-mails & hearing about all the great people he is meeting & teaching in Mexico.
Want to know more about what he's teaching? Go HERE. 


  1. I love your version of the baby update :) Classy and easy to read! And love her balloon shirt

  2. That close up picture is just incredible and positively one of the cutest baby pictures I have ever seen. You do amazing work, Rachel, but it also helps that you have the cutest little Subject! Beautiful job on all of this!


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