She's got chompers!

Well, here's a vid from a couple weeks ago. I'm pretty crazy about this baby.
Feel free to make fun of the ugly noises I made that she thought was so funny.

Did I tell you Ivy got her two first teeth? It was a week after Easter! She's so much happier after those suckers have popped through!
She has her two bottom center teeth.
& they are more adorable than they even sound.
I think her front middle teeth are about to pop through any day now, too.

We have all been taking our turns getting sick around here.
My brother was sick first, then me.
& now Weston & Ivy.

I feel so bad for Weston having to go to work horribly sick.
& I feel bad for Ivy, because her coughing keeps waking her up at night & during naps.
BUT she thinks coughing is hilarious & usually (unless it's an extra long coughing fit) she is smiling & laughing afterwards.
Cutie pie.

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