Cowboy Up, Y'all.

The Franklin Rodeo is a big deal.
& let's be honest, if you don't like rodeos, you're probably not American.
We took Ivy to her first rodeo last night.
She loved it!
It STARTED at 7:30 & she has a very strict 7pm bedtime, but she handled it like a champ!
but she was a total gem the entire time.

It was a really fun night.
 No cowboys were seriously maimed & it was full of awesome events!
My whole family went & it was so fun!
 Testing out her Protection Earmuffs on the way to the Rodeo.
She gave it 2 thumbs up.
We got ours here.
And once again, we went with gender neutral green, because I'm all about only buying baby gear once. & if I can help it, I refuse to make my boys wear pink. Except with their baby bath tub, that thing is pink.

I have a lot of cowboys & girls in my family & have always loved rodeos!

To show Ivy the importance of enjoying rodeos, my mom made Ivy this adorable rodeo shirt.
because my mom is a little crazy & completely awesome.

& she made this thing from scratch & created the design herself.
Seriously, she's amazing.
(She's really good. Also designed & created my wedding dress on her own, too. & prom dresses, presentation dresses, etc. Basically I'm the luckiest girl on the earth. K, bragging on my mom is done.)
 The adorable back of the shirt.
 The adorable front of her shirt.
 It's embarrassing to say how little Ivy & I ever leave the house.
(With one car & a husband that is either at work or school all the time...that's how the story goes)
If "We don't get out much," doesn't paint the picture well enough, Ivy shrieking & laughing as we walked on the gravel road to the Ag Center should do the trick.
She was literally so excited that we actually went somewhere.
Adorable, hilarious, & definitely a certain level of sad.
 A family Groufie
(Anyone watch Jimmy Fallon?)
Oh, hey, mom!
 10 mins in....
10 mins later...

 10 mins later...
It was so much fun & we all enjoyed ourselves a lot!
I love the bareback bronco riding & the bull-riding.
Both always exciting events.

My mom & I used to stay up late at night watching bull-riding on TV.
It was one of my favorite things to do with my mom growing up.

One last family photo, since we don't take enough. Er, wait, yes, yes we do.
This was at 11PM....Ivy didn't even fall asleep on the way home. She looked totally buzzed.
She passed out the second she was in her crib.
I am having so much fun living back in my stomping grounds & being able to share my childhood with Weston.
I always went to the rodeo with my friends in high school & it was even more fun being back after so many years with my family!

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