So, did you know I have a baby?

I know it's not obvious that I had a baby.
Because I never talk about her.
Or instagram her.
Or photograph her.
Or talk about her. Er, did I already say that?

Just to let you know, I think I'm going to rename this blog:

Ivy's Place

or iSpace
That one is original & completely not copyrighted, right?

Well, anyway. 
I am sure I alienated half my audience who didn't want to hear about every new milestone.
Or hear me explain the baby poop smell I could NOT figure out where it was coming from.
So, the very first human I saw that wasn't under 2 feet tall was asked to notify me if they saw baby poop anywhere on me, because I could not figure out why I kept getting whiffs of it. (Her diaper was changed &  the nasty one hadn't been in the vicinity for a while).
But I'm also sure I picked up new readers that care more about adventures* with Ivy than my boring rambling about silly questions I got at work & other daily stuff like the dinner I burned the night before (every night) & the spider I just couldn't squish.

Well here's another post about my baby.
I hope you enjoy.
Because I think she's cool.

Ivy is in love with the dog.
And any animal in general.
Like the wild turkey in the back yard. She appreciated him.
Good girl.
 Can you guess which one is a little more fond of the other?
Ivy is so obsessed with the dog & thinks she's the best thing since sliced bread.
Or Gerber's carrots.
The dog is not a fan of Ivy.
She hasn't liked her since day one when I got Ivy home to TN, Bella was ultra jealous of the attention she was not getting from me.
Well, on top of that, Ivy "pets" Bella in a way you'd imagine a hungry dinosaur would "pet" a little human.

Poor Bella.
Happy Ivy.

My sister & her husband are coming in May & bringing their chog**.
I think Lola will finally meet her match with Ivy...

Sidenote: we are aware of the situation of Ivy's amazing body proportions.
She has many nicknames & dopplegangers.
Tweety Bird
Mr. Potato Head
Humpty Dumpty

All endearing & all accurate.

"Ah, my enormous [peach] head!"

Quite literally tummy time is always an adventure.
She ends up trying to use her body weight to keep her body on the ground & head in the air but 99% of the time looks like this:
& that is a mild situation photographed.
The poor child has a hard time keeping her legs on the ground.
She doesn't have a belly like she used to either and so now it's even harder to weigh herself down.

*Adventure has a new definition in this new mom realm. It now means things like we went outside & laid in the grass or we went to the mailbox twice today. Or maybe even, on exciting days, left the house & DROVE somewhere. (Rare occurrence, since Weston & I have 1 car, I am home 99% of the time.)
**A chog is a dog that is treated like a child.

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