Life Lately. Again.

We've been prepping for my brother to get home from his mission (IN LESS THAN 2 WEEKS!!)
& I found this in his closet:
This is a church program folded up into the tiniest little folded bit.
Every Sunday Spencer folds up the church program and scratches the back of his hand with it.
It's hilarious & weird.
& I can't wait till he comes home!

I was changing Ivy's diaper & she kept wanting to roll off the changing pad.
So I gave her the baby powder to hold & look at. She tipped it over to look at the top & I didn't realize it was open.
Content girl helping me clean!
Ivy has done this since day one.
She stiff arms all the time & it's the funniest thing ever. When Weston puts her up in the air both of her arms do this & she looks like SuperMan. Naturally.
There's that stiff arm again.
I love that girl.
My mom makes her a new outfit multiple times a week.
Ivy clearly loves wearing them, my mom enjoys making them, & I love the outfits & things she makes more than I can tell you.
They seriously mean so much to me.
Long after my mom's gone (like 100 years down the road) these outfits will live on.
Probably with lots of yellow spit up stains.

She was playing in her crib while I was cleaning.
I walked in to find that she had climbed* on top of her stuffed animals.
I was laughing so hard.
Olivia the pig didn't know what hit her.
Adorable, right?
Ivy has been using my brother's room while we've lived here.
Since he's coming home we are moving her to another place.
When I moved her crib this is the crime scene I found.
Many rejected binkies under the crib.
She's not a real binkie lover, so she just uses it when she sleeps, but they usually get tossed out when she's playing in her crib when she wakes up!
We got a real deal high chair off Craigslist...my life is changed forever.
 This is the greatest thing EVER.
 The Bumbo was great for a while.
By great I mean HORRIBLE.
She only wanted to play with her toes or reach for anything not within her reach when in that thing, so it made feeding very difficult. But we still love to use it...just not for feeding.
It is the greatest baby tool. I'm so happy we got it!
I just think this is cute.
She was sitting but SOOO tired.
So she cried.
It was cute & pathetic.
Now she's happy. hahah her emotions are all over the place. But not really, she's extreme happy 80% of the time, sleepy/serious 10% of the time, & hangry 10% of the time.
She's a pretty predictable baby.

Ivy is so cute & I love hanging out with her all day long!
We've got this mommy/baby thing nailed down pretty well (at the moment) & I'm really liking it!

*I use this term loosely. I didn't see it, so she probably just rolled on top of them from the sitting position.

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