Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend was quite the dream.

We took a family trip to Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
It was perfect.

We got stuck in bad traffic right outside Pigeon Forge, but thanks to my handy-hubby we bipassed it & made up for some lost time. Ivy was a champ on the drive. We only took her out of her carseat once in the mega-drive. We ended up being in the car for about 9 hrs that day. We took an hr break at walmart to give Ivy a little out of the car, time. 
We got to our campsite around 5:30 & Weston set up our mega-tent* while I had baby duty. AKA while I played. I would have laid Ivy down to work on the tent with Weston, except the HUGE jumping spiders that were around our campsite would have probably carried her off.  
We didn't order it in time for the weekend, but it showed up on the doorstep Friday morning!
Anyway, he set up the tent & we got all snuggled in. Both he & I were wiped. He'd just gotten off a full work week & I had had a huge to-do list the week before. I had a lot of cleaning and tasks to take care of & pretty much packed us for our whole trip. Ivy was a champ & was so happy the ENTIRE TIME. Seriously didn't cry once. She loved sleeping between us! I slept restlessly, waking up to feel Ivy's cheeks & make sure she was still warm enough. She woke up at 5 the next morning & babbled to herself for an hour while I fake slept next to her. She is such a sweetheart. Really.
Saturday was a dream. We camped at the Cosby campsite & just left our tent there to tour the park.
We drove around, but tried to keep it to a minimum & do more hiking because Ivy was in HEAVEN out there.
She looked like this the ENTIRE time:

Aren't these mountains gorgeous?
This was a tiny little hike we did & the backdrop was beautiful.
Weston was patient with me taking so many pictures.
He's so nice to me.
This was before our hike to Clingman's Dome the highest peak in TN & the 3rd highest peak in NC! 
Ivy & I at the top of the peak.
This is on day two of no naps.
This girl does not nap if the sun is up!
We're talking about black-out curtains are a requirement.
BUT she didn't cry, either.
How is she my child? I am so not that laid back.

Our new family photo.

Climbing back down from Clingman's Dome.
With the extra from Weston's gift cards he got this amazing high chair.
Best investment ever.
She loved it & it's so well constructed.
We will be using it for everything from barbecues to camping trips to washing the car.
We came back late Sunday night so I Ivy could get sleep that night & spent Monday with my dad & Grandmother. My mom & brother are gone visiting family in Houston.
We had a fun barbecue with them before my dad had to fly out for work.
We got me Ivy a baby pool & she loves it.
I bought all of Ivy's now baby clothes (that wasn't a gift from my mom or someone else) on season sell-out sales last year. Some of the stuff I worried about sizing, etc.
 I took the chance on this 6 month swimsuit that was $3 right after the fourth of July last year.
I am so happy I did.
It's so funny & really adorable.

Seriously, guys. These aren't edited (The lighting outside was ideal, though). Can I please have her baby blues?

For those of you worried, the pool is in the shade, & if this baby's skin is in the sun it's lathered in sunscreen.

That evening we went to Downtown Franklin for the veteran's memorial monument.
I have had 2 friends die in combat in The War on Terror.
I think about how I alone personally was friends with two who have died & think about how so many more have given their lives for our freedom & I can't help but have such heartache for their families. I cannot imagine the loss they have felt. I hope they feel my appreciation for the sacrifice of their husband, wife, son, daughter, sister, cousin, friend to make it possible for me to live safely in Franklin, Tennessee.

I hope everyone had a fun & Memorial Day. We most definitely did.

* Our mega-tent (we give it 2 thumbs up). My parents had given Weston Cabela's gift cards for birthdays & graduation & so he used them on a mega family tent so we can use it for our family down the road! We are used to our 2 man tent that basically you pull it out of the tent bag & shake it & it sets itself up. This one was more involved than that.

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