Random Pictures

I will be writing about my brother's return very soon!
I love hanging with my girl.
This was proof that she cuddled with me for 5 seconds.
This girl is so busy & her head is never laid against anything to rest.
I sat her in my lap & she did this for a few seconds & I snatched a picture right when I could.
She is definitely a big fan of her dad and so am I! We are both so lucky to have Weston! The most loyal and loving husband to me and I can't say enough good things about him!
Ivy also loves my mom's dog!
Bella isn't such a fan of Ivy, but we're working on petting "softly."
Ah. When did she get so big? Time is flying. Honestly, it's sad to look back on when she was smaller, but I love every new stage and am having so much fun watching Ivy discover and enjoy things. 
Ivy and I waited in the car while Gramps ran into Costco and she was squealing with joy over the new scenery of the parking lot. Also, I'm celebrating another layer of hair! It's getting longer and thicker!
Sweet little chubalub playing in her high chair!
I have so many pics that look like this from her grabbing the phone and proceeding to eat it. Ah. Melts my heart.
Did I tell you she started sitting 100% on her own at about 5 months. Life is so fun. And it's fun that she can entertain herself and keep herself upright.
Happy girl
Those two teeth kill me!

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