Breaking news!

This happened last week:
This girl wore a bow without a headband for the first time! It was also the first time I'd ever tried it. It's the cutest thing!
Also, she discovered her diaper this week, too. A toy that comes everywhere with her! Now, please don't discover the Velcro straps!
She ate nearly an entire banana & loved every bite!
after her first long sliver that she swallowed completely whole...I cut them into smaller chunks. She didn't take the time to chew quite like I thought she would. 
Also, Ivy will gag down anything I give her whether she likes it or not! Such a sweet baby!
And this pic just because I love her big noggin!
Also, she really adores her uncle Chase!
And people watching...

And chewing on my hand!

And her stuffed bunny.

And reading with Daddy!

And baths in the sink!

And sleeping on her side! (That is the only way she sleeps...)
And playing in her crib!

I adore my sweet baby!

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