My latest DIM

Oh, you've never heard of DIM? It's kind of like DIY, except I did it myself, instead.
I'm pretty sure it'll catch!

All cell phone pictures, but I was very excited with how it turned out.
I painted on Saturday & then assembled on Sunday.

What you need:
Webbing (mine was 1.5" from Joann's. I looked at Joann's and Hobby Lobby, but this was the thickest webbing I could find. I wanted something wider, if you know if any places w/ wider webbing, please let me know!) 
Masking Tape
Acrylic Paint
Craft Glue
Metal Hook (I got a set of swivel ones from Joann's)
Paint Brushes
Newspaper (or in my case, wax paper) to cover your work surface
Metallic Vinyl

Step 1. 2. & 3. tape a pattern onto the webbing. Let paint dry. Peel tape off.

Step 4. Admire

Step 5. Measure, cut, & glue metallic vinyl to the webbing & attach the hook.

Also, Weston likes to use my hand to practice IVs.
I got 3 pokes last night, but he got an IV going! That blue blur in the center is a fatty bruise.
I think he hematoma-ed me.

Also, Weston has not been feeling well lately. This is what he looked like all day yesterday.
Bundled up on the air mattress in the middle of the room looking mostly pathetic.
He's been really nauseous. We're pretty sure he's pregnant.


  1. Pretty sure he's pregnant!! BAHAHAHA
    Tell him to suck it up. Did he eat any red dye?
    Love the strappy. Make me one!!

  2. You always have the cutest blog layout!! Where do you go to get your layout??

  3. Thank you, Natalie! I actually make it!

  4. "We're pretty sure he's pregnant." Haha! Tell him to give it a few months and it will wear off. :P

  5. WOW, Rachel! What kind of loser mom am I? I didn't know you painted your strap! Am I THAT bad of a listener??? It is super cute! Hopefully it's VERY sturdy so your camera doesn't go "splat"! Awesome...tell Weston he needs to get on prenatals...should help!!

  6. Your mom showed me the picture of your awesome camera strap! Clever and very pretty! You are such a smart girl! We really miss you two being here. Glad Danielle and Sean could be here for a little while. Nice to see you writing on your blog again! Love it!


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