Hi, there!


It has been ages since I have avidly been blogging.

Well, here's why.

Weston & I tried to get pregnant starting at the end of February 2011.

We haven't had any luck.
I've kind of been on a hiatus from the blog world for a while because A. the mommy blogs I loved reading were starting to be too hard to read B. I had a hard time blogging about things when my thoughts were constantly on something else C. We do not have the internet at home.

If you want the details,
here's a watered down version of what's up.

I have a weird Uterine anomaly that we were told puts me at a high risk for second trimester miscarriage.
So, we started trying just in case we have some miscarriages before getting a baby to hold.

We have had no luck.
We have been in & out of doctors offices for 2 years.
My OBGYN that has been over my "uterus stuff" for the past 3 years started the fertility testing & all of that early, because of my uterus issue. He said no concern is really given regarding fertility until a couple has been trying for a year or so.

We have had every lab test & infertility treatments that I think exist.
I even had an exploratory surgery.
None of the tests showed any cause for not being able to get pregnant.
My complete septate uterus (google it) should not be keeping us from actually getting pregnant.

We have done 4 cycles of Intrauterine Insemination.

Nothing has worked. It's been an exhausting process & at times I've gotten pretty discouraged about it. I have tried every folk lore you can think of to try to get pregnant. I have also heard some pretty weird remedies from acquaintances of how to fix our "infertility."

February 28th this year I searched for a research study that covers the costs of IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization).
This procedure is generally between $10,000-$20,000 on average.... per cycle.
My mom nicknamed it one expensive lottery ticket!

I swear it was a whisper from heaven the day before to search for a study.
I searched and found a study in NYC that covers all the procedural costs of the IVF.
We pay travel/accomodation expenses & the costs of the medications involved.

I took all the preliminary screening questionaires & submitted my complete medical history.

We did all the prescreening labwork.
This study has been going on for 5 years & it ends in June. JUNE.
Wow, answer to prayer? Yes.

I received an e-mail last Friday that we were accepted.

We fly there minimally 3x in the next 2 months.
Please please keep us in your prayers!

We fly out on Wednesday for our first visit & will be in NYC until Sunday the 31st!
Weston will have a 26th birthday to remember!
Starting in NYC & ending in UT!

I would love any New York tips & tricks that you might have!


  1. Good luck Rachel, I'll definitely pray for you guys! (P.S. I found your blog through Alissa's:))

  2. Oh, Rachel. I love you! We will definitely pray for you. Sounds like the Lord is definitely on your side. Best of luck!! I have a friend with a similar uterine anomaly. You can do it!

  3. Good luck!! I sure hope you find some answers and get a sweet baby in your arms SOON. I know the pain of desperately wanting a baby and not being able to have one. It is so hard! I will be praying for you!

  4. I will definitely be keeping you guys in my thoughts, and hoping this works out! Travel safe, and I'm here if you need anything! Love you guys!

  5. You are so strong. I truly admire your strength during all of this. The Lord will bless you, I know it. Good luck in NYC!

  6. Rachel! I'm so glad you posted this! I'm praying for you guys and I wish you safe travels to NYC!

  7. Good luck Rachel-- if you have to travel somewhere to deal with all this mess, NYC sounds pretty great :)

  8. Wow Rachel, good luck! We are praying for you! My sister-in-law did IVF and got two beautiful twin boys and now is pregnant on her own! I'm hoping it works out for ya'll!

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  10. Sorry, that above comment was me(a friend was logged in on our computer). Anyway, Good luck. You guys are in our prayers. I really hope this all works out. You guys are going to have the most beautiful babies ever!

  11. Yesssss!!! Gimmmmmeee babiiieeessss.

  12. Rachel I'm so sorry to hear of all the struggles you've been going through but I love that you are staying positive and not giving up! I'll be keeping you in prayers! Hang in there sister!!!!

  13. Good luck Rachel! You'll be in our prayers!

  14. Oh my goodness that is SO exciting you found that study! You are one strong girl! I will definitely cross my fingers for you and keep you in my prayers!

  15. Dearest Rachel and Weston, Your story is so amazing! (I wrote something earlier and for some reason it did not print in your comments. So I am going to try again.) You told your story in such a straight forward profound way that it has touched so many hearts and for sure, mine! For many years I have spoken at all my 14 grandchildren's baptisms and encouraged them to be worthy of the great blessing of receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost. The special promptings are given in reward for righteous living, for being in tune by keeping the commandments. I commend you both for doing just that and when the time was right, you got answers to your prayers. So thrilled for you to have this wonderful opportunity and it is the fruit of righteous living! May the Lord bless you with a beautiful baby or two or three! Also, as in Alex and Becca's comment, it is all in the Lord's timing and important to remember. Love you the most and pray for you both! Grandmother xxxooo

  16. Rachel. My heart was touched as I read this. I had no idea you guys had been trying for so long. I'm sure it's so hard to work at BYU and watch all the little kids come in for their checkups. I'm sorry if I ever did anything with Lena that made things harder for you. Lewis and I struggled to get pregnant too. I have PCOS and my OBGYN told me to go see a fertility specialist because there was "nothing else she could do." Miraculously, we found out we were pregnant a week before the appointment. I know how hard it can be to wait and wait and wait. My heart goes out to you. You are strong. I never would have guessed this was going on. You're always so positive. Many many many prayers will be coming your way. Many many many. Love you

  17. You will be in our prayers as well!!! I hope it works out for yall!!

  18. Thank y'all so much! Those comments are so sweet and thoughtful, thank you!

  19. wow, i don't know how i missed this. i'm so sorry you have been struggling with this for so long... rach, we will be praying for you guys and hope everything works out!!! you two will be amazing parents someday. we love you guys!!!! keep us posted :) and let's hang out soon!


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