Blog Post #1000!!!

For post #1000, I thought I'd save some pictures for you!

This summer has been crazy & busy & husbandless!

I've worked on a couple little projects, but no major crafting has gone on. This is about to change.
Weston has been working like a dog. & the very few days he's had off this summer, I have had to work.
He just got home from a week in Idaho & I picked him up last night. He has 3 days off. & OFF CALL. Of course they are the week days so I have work.  I may have to change something about that.

Weston has had 8 days of work off since May 1st. Talk about unreal.

We are going to see the new Batman premier tomorrow night & Weston has ants in his pants he is so excited.
He has an unhealthy obsession w/ the Dark Knight movie.
Thank you for my job at a University that I still get all the perks of students w/ my Employee ID card.
$6.50 premier tickets? Yes, please.

We will also be taking another trip to ComedySportz.
My third time in a month, nbd.

Also, I love him.
That's all.

My family was here for 2 weeks in July. 
It was seriously the greatest center to my summer. I was in heaven.
The fourth of July my parents took Danielle & I  to Stadium of Fire.
 We had such a good time & sadly I didn't have my camera nor did I take any group shots with my phone.
All of these pictures are either from Momma, Pop's, or Deej's phones!
Me & Deej at The Stadium of Fire.
It was so much fun! 
Momma was showing off her best dance moves paired with fantastic lip syncing.  
I've never met a bigger Beach Boys fan.  Dad smiled happily & bobbed his head every once in a while :)
As for me, I pretended like I knew the words & got my groove on!
I didn't get to talk to Wes on the 4th of July, except for he called me at about 5:30 a.m. to wish me a Happy Indpendence Day. He's such a keeper!

 Then my birthday, oh, blessed day!

It rained ALL day long. I was so happy. Rain = less fires.

 So, my 23rd day of birth was opened up with a great 3/4 day at work!
Then lunch at Cafe Rio w/ Momma, Pops & Deej.

Nom. & then finished off with opening presents a quick run to Salem & then playing Golf (the card game) & watching WipeOut.
Only my favorite TV show next to Boy Meets World & AFV. SCORE.

 My parents spoiled me rotten. I got a sewing desk. See that desk? Yeah, my machine is INSIDE of that desk & then it flips up to use it. Amazing. They found it on KSL. They are amazing. On the fourth of July we spent the a.m. organizing our house. It was just a disorganized mess!  They brought the beautiful desk to my house, & then we made a shopping list of things to get to give our organization a facelift. I bought the fabric for that chair & that awesome bulletin board! & my mom spray painted the nice 70's brass handles.

 Then while I was at work on my birthday, they put it all in the house & my mom recovered the chair! Whaaaaaat? & my ingenious pops jimmy-rigged Weston's tie rack that had broken. Wes was so surprised & excited to see it all! It seriously looks amazing!
Want to know what I got for my birthday?
Drumroll please....
I am so happy. If you do not know what a surger is, lift up the hem of something you're wearing & the little crazy looking pretzel thread is what the surger does. They also got me surger thread. I'm so excited.
Obviously so so so so so so so so so so excited about the surger. It was the same brand as my Great-Grandmother's. That is really special to me.

 While at work I also received an awesome surprise at work! My in-laws sent me flowers at work! It was such a sweet birthday gift!

I wanted to save my birthday dinner for Saturday night when Weston would (hopefully) be home & Chase would be back from EFY. Success! Weston made it home!  I let Wes choose the birthday dinner place, bc I just didn't really care what we had!  He chose Brick Oven. His favorite place!

When we got there they saw the pizza challenge.
A 29" pizza & a pitcher of their homemade Root Beer.
2 people have an hour to consume it all.
Cannot go to the restroom. Cannot leave the area at the table.

They decided to take on the challenge. I had just picked up Weston in Draper from his most recent 2 week tour. When we were getting seated we were informed that the contestants have to sit at their own table.
I told them "Okay, we don't want to do the contest anymore." They said they couldn't call it off bc they'd already started cooking the pizza. I was near tears, I said, seriously, I haven't seen my husband in 2 weeks, I   really want to sit next to him. I didn't even drop the card that it was my birthday dinner. So they made an exception for it. The manager came up & said, "What's going on, how can I help?" I explained & he said "Oh my goodness, it's totally fine, we'll just put the pizza at the end of the table! We don't want to have you not be able to sit next to him!"

I was almost embarrassed about my near-crying experience at Brick Oven; except not at all.
The contenders!
Game faces. Apparently dad sleeps during intense games.
The pizza. 
You can't see the timer here, but there was a big timer at the end of the table. They basically paraded the pizza around the whole restaurant.  They sang they clapped & the had a big siren that they paraded around with ALL of their employees & the ending spot was our table. I'm not kidding. It was hilarious.
 He loves pizza.
 My task.
Pour Root Beer from pitcher to pitcher. 
Thank you for the fizz-killing tip, Brick Oven-ers.
 Making good progress! Everyone was so impressed. They made a very good pace, spectators from across the restaurant came to stand around our tables during different times of the meal. You can see the timer in these pictures.
 They beat the pace of the Reynolds brothers.
Who were BYU football players & later went on to play for the NFL. & those guys are huge, even compared to all the other collegiate footballers. 
My freshman year I'd see them on the field (I had front row football seats.) 
 Dad was hating life.
 Weston however handled it like a champ. He was loving it. 
Until about piece number 8. 
My dad died at piece 3.  
 The prize. 
Along with a picture on the wall of fame.
Totally worth it. 
In the 20 years this challenge has been alive no one has completed it. 
They were so close.
 Still smiling...somehow....
"No, no, please, I'm trying to watch my girlish figure"

Yes, those are spectators; from behind the wall & next to the table.
SO funny.

I might have seen a glimpse at my future as a stage mom.
Seen Toddlers in Tiara's? Yeah, me neither.
I've heard about it though.
My pizza eating coaching intensity was up there.

Well, bottom line.
They failed.
3 pieces left. out of 16.
"Com'on little Sally, EAT THE PIZZA!"

Wes wants to try it again but with someone who can eat a lot more. He totally carried his weight. He ate half the pizza. They were saving the Root Beer for last to "fill in the cracks."
After the hour time was up they both went to the bathroom. Weston was there for about 45 more minutes.

Later that night we went to ComedySportz. I love that place. So entertaining.
Most people would think Weston would not want pizza ever again after how sick he got off of eating half of the biggest pizza.  But we brought home the leftover pieces in a box. He had the last 3 slices of the 29" pizza for breakfast. & then for lunch had the leftover pizza of the pizza the rest of the family was eating for din-din!
It was hilarious.
& I love him.
When I say that man can eat, I mean he can really eat!

The night before Weston left for his Idaho tour he gave me my birthday present from him. Um, this was a HUGE birthday present.  He knows how homesick I have been. I really really miss Tennessee.
He got us tickets to TN after his season is over & before school starts!!!!
I"M SO EXCITED! I miss my family. & I really miss Bella (the dog).
I haven't been home since 2010.
I miss it so bad. & we're going home for Christmas, but I am so so so so so so so so excited to make it there for the green season! AHHH!!! :) :) :)
Can you tell I'm holding in all of my excitement?!



  1. This post cracked me up! Weston has probably told you this but back in the day when we worked at the pizza place Ben and Weston tried the challenge there I think it was a 36" and it was hilarious! The details are a little hazy to me but I remember a lot of killers music and the song "Roll out" I don't think they made it (but don't quote me on that I wouldn't want to ruin his reputation) but it was fun to watch.

  2. Congratulations on your 1,000 post! Whoot whooo! Sounds like a fun birthday and thanks for sharing Weston's pizza challenge! I love reading you blog, you do such a wonderful job. Thanks for the update!

  3. LOVED this post Rachel! LOVE Weston's present to you too! :)))) And the pizza contest? One word: GROSS! (I know, I was there) xoxoxoxox

  4. I heard about the pizza challenge from your Mom, Rachel. That was something else! But the story about him eating so much pizza the next day, too, was shocking! You are right, I'd not want to look at pizza for awhile afterwards. The pictures were so fun and your blog is amazing! Really loved reading all about your birthday and about the fun things you all have been doing! The pictures were so fun and really helpful in telling your story, too. Sure appreciate getting a chance to read about it all! Love you and miss you, Sweetheart! Hope we get a chance to be together for Christmas!

  5. Forgot to add, congratulations on your 1000th blog post! I don't think I have missed reading a one of them and it has been fun, happy reading! Thank you for each and every one of them!

  6. Love the pictures and love your favicon!! You need to teach me your ways!!!

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