I love the common overuse of the verbage  LOL
It is so funny. lol
and it is not one of my favorite terms. lol

One of my favorite misuses I've seen:
I don't know where I saw this a long time ago, but I still laugh over it.

Anyways, Weston has been falling apart during this last tour. His White bite is really infected.
His toe has a growth on it that is red & swollen & hurts.
& last night I got a text from him:
"My eye has a virus! lol"
I texted back something witty & hilarious. Naturally.

No, he's not dying. It's just chicken pox returning in his eye. That's normal, right?



  1. A protein bar, huh. Well, I had two slices of yummy bread with peanut butter and jelly on it for breakfast. Not my usual breakfast but it was calling my name. I bought this bread at Costco that is do die for toasted and embellished! Got a laugh out of the lol comment and a cry out of poor Weston's troubles. He needs his wifey to help him out. Sorry to hear about the problems there. Hope you get together real soon, Rachel.

  2. Rachel! This was a hilarious post! SOOO funny!! I love you!!


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