Want to know why my parents are awesome?

So I get a text from Momma this morning that looks like this:
Bella says "hi!"

Bahah first of all the picture is funny enough.
That dog is hilarious. Seriously. She's so funny! & Chase's hands are ginormous.

& Iphones have this weird quirk where if you send a picture text or mass text & another iphone replies it sends the reply to all of the original recipients of the original message from the original sender. Make sense?
That being said, Momma & Pops both have iphones.
& neither of them realize it is sending their reply text to all of the children recipients as well. Gross.
Pops replies with: "Tell Bella "rff rrrrffff rfff"
Momma: "Does that translate to 'she's hot?' Cause she is!"
Pops: "Actually it means 'Why are u looking at my hot wife like that!'"

hahahahha I have been enjoying this conversation all morning.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Bahahaha love it! :) Just so you know, that above comment was me, but I didn't realize I was signed in to Mike's account, so I had to delete it and sign into mine.lol

  3. Love that photo Kari sent me, too! Still, I'm confused! Are those Spencer's or Chase's hands? I thought like you they were Chase's hands but then I got the impression they were Spencer's. No matter, they are beautiful lovely man's hands and the puppy melts my heart, too! My Georgia used to lay on the keys when I typed, too! How I miss my little doggie companion, too! They really get to you don't they!


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