How is your spring break going?
Oh, you don't have one? & you haven't had one since high school? Yeah, me neither!

My poor slave husband is getting to do this all week:
(props to hubs for taking precautions w/ the mask...the nagging of "protecting his lungs" from his wife must have bugged him enough baha)
Except for that's a lie, because we're going on a get-away-last-minute 1.5 day trip to Vegas later this week, too.
But that is what the boy's spring break looks like!
He's remodeling a house in Salem. Sweet job & Weston loves it, but still...full time work instead of the beach or a theme park or something?
I thought I'd make this in honor of him:
How are you celebrating Spring Break 2012?


  1. Weston, you are so cute, even in a MASK! I can't believe it! You guys are the workingest couple I know. Glad you get a break to go to Vegas. Hugs to all of you!

  2. Poor Weston. I made Clint wear a mask while remodeling the bathroom and our bedroom, too.

    Rachel, do you make printables? Can you print the printables off as regular photos? I'm trying to come up with a craft for Girl's Camp.

  3. Yes Nat, I totally make printables & You can print them as photo files, I save them as jpegs! Want some? :) Let me know if you want some & what you want!


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