So I'm falling a little behind on life updates for all of you that I know are DYING to know every detail. baha
We have the greatest friends & family that came to help us move!
It started at 7:30a.m. Weston's parents showed up w/ a gazillion breakfast burritos in hand that friends & fam that came to help chowed down on. Wow they are so kind!
Spencer, Taylor, Melissa, Jarica, David, Kevin, & the other David, Bonnie & Mike all came.
WOW. Our friends are work horses! Neeeigh.
We had so much fun, too. We packed & loaded, packed & loaded. & then packed & loaded some more!

Then I went w/ the boys & Bonnie & we unloaded that giant load filling:
WOWza. Das a lot of loot.
& the other ladies stayed behind & cleaned the old casa for us to pass our cleaning inspection, we got back to Branbury at about 12:30 & I helped finish cleaning that place SPOTLESS. WOW they had done SO much by the time I got there. & there was still a lot to do when I got there. Embarrassingly nasty. Yes.
& then we were done. Glorious. 1pm we were finished. We locked & loaded the last bit of stuff into the car & went to Pizza Pie Cafe to celebrate. Oh, it was wonderful!
Then Melissa, Joan & I hit Hobby Lobby like it's goin out of style & got 2.5 hours of wedding glory COMPLETE. Hallelujah.
Then we joined the boys at home (Weston had been in Salem since Pizza Pie Cafe unpacking & unpacking!) & played some cards & then did a late night Walmart trip for wedding announcement envelopes. When we got back home we had an envelope stuffing party.
Sunday was amazing. We LOVE our new ward. Unlike our Springville ward, it is friendly, & unlike our Provo ward, it has a ward member over 35.
We left our church building to the most grand view you've ever seen.


Then Joan, Dave, Wes & I had a yummy lunch after church, my amazing black bean soup. Nom.

Janet came & chatted with us for a while too. It was loverly.

Wes & I went out later that afternoon & threw snow balls into the pond & tried our best goose honks to get the geese to come see us. Nope, nada, didn't happen.

But it was so peaceful.

Get this, we have gone to bed every night at 10 p.m. & up wide awake at 6 p.m.
Guess why! It's SILENT there. Seriously, silent.
We go to bed to an occasional goose honk & wake up to the geese & birds.
Strange, I have forgotten the sounds of nature since I moved from TN in 2007.  At 2 a.m. we are used to the sound of tires on blacktop.  Honking hormone driven 18 yr old girls & boys. Honking 24 yr old hormone driven boys. Yelling. Chatting. Music. Bass thumping....you get the idea. We are no longer living in a complex of single folk. It's amazing.

So, our Provo apartment was SO nice.
& about 4 million steps up from our Springville apartment....
Our new apartment is another step up. Seriously. It's awesome.
Here's why:
1.  Washer & Dryer
2.  2 bedrooms. Amazing.
3. A/C
5. A PADDLE BOAT for that POND
6.  Amazing landlords
7. a HUGE bedroom
8. A HUGE bathroom
9. Counter Space
10. Peace & Quiet
11. No newlyweds living upstairs...
12. PRIVACY from people staring down into our windows
13. this one...drum  roll please...we have our own closets. AMAZING.
I stole the big one. It's amazing. & you better believe I filled every inch of that sucker. & Wes got the small one. Half of it has clothes & there are 5 pairs of shoes: running shoes, hiking boots, church shoes, fire boots & snowboard boots. The other half of his closet has his collection of random things & then his workout gear. hahaha I love him so much!

I was really afraid I would hate the commute, I really was, but it isnot even bad. The Lord has been blessing me to be able to go to sleep at night and wake up on time that I can be out the door at 7:30, and I enjoy that wakeup time on the drive to work and the unwind drive on our way home at the end of the day. It gives us uninterrupted time together! Our gas bill has of course increased, but it is worth every penny. We couldn't be more thrilled.

It's amazing, really. We love it.

We are so blessed. Do you want to know why? We have survived the past week with $17 in our checking account. Weston's amazing parents have come to visit & fed us. & helped us move. Uh, is that backwards or what? They come, they work, they feed...us. So awesome.
I get to see my parents next week. & to say I'm excited does not even come close to cutting it! Ah, I love Momma & Pops so much!  Plus, I need help from the tax man...eh, eh, Pops? :)
Anyway, I love you all & I hope you have a noteworthy weekend!
 Isn't he the cutest? & doesn't he look exhausted? This was mid unpacking mode. See all the boxes & piles? Yeah, those are gone. We got our whole house unpacked in 4 evenings. AWESOME!

Uh, I'm kind of embarrassed. This is completely me. My dad was in town for about 12 hours a couple weeks ago & he picked Weston & I up at our apartment & I told him i felt bad that he didn't get to put on comfies. & he said "Ah, no, I don't usually wear pajamas to Walmart." bahahah Is that just a Provo thing? I hope not, because I plan on doing that to the Payson Walmart, too.


  1. super excited for your new crib! [and super jealous] :)

  2. Rachel, I LOVED the story you put up about your move! It was so well done, descriptive and informative. I was right there along with you as you described each step in the process of moving! I felt your pain and I felt your happiness as you gathered for the pizza party and knowing you had accomplished so much. So glad you got a lot of help with this. I hate moving as it is such hard work! Glad you have such a strong man to shoulder so much of the load! Thanks for taking the time to share this "moving" story! lol


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