Coming Up For Air!

It's a miracle. Miracle. Happening to every day peeeeople.

Please tell me know you know that theme song.

Basically, it's miraculous I'm alive right now. I have been DYING this week. Half self-inflicted, half not.

About a month ago I filmed my sister's class to make an awesome video for her.
(Yes, she did have parents sign release forms for their bebes.)

I've been sick & really exhausted the past couple months, but honestly, I was putting off the video making until I felt better, because I was really excited to make it good.
Memorial day weekend was great & we definitely had a good time with Weston's family.
We came back Sunday for him to teach Elder's Quorum in our Salem church.
That afternoon we took it easy. By that I mean that I slept the entire 3 hour drive back to Salem from his parents house. I then went to church & slept through the first hour. I then went home because I couldn't stay awake and slept the last 2 hours of church & a couple more hours. I made dinner for Weston & I. I ate a little bit. We went for a drive & I tossed my dinner right into a storm drain. Then I went home & he watched Independence Day while I slept the rest of the night. 

Is that insane or what? Have I mentioned I've been pretty busy with my photography business in the evenings & apparently 3 hour road trips knock me out.
I don't remember the last time I slept that much to catch up.

Monday was the first day Weston & I have both have had off work/clinicals in forever together.

We decided we were going fishing.

Folks, that day was insane & I will post about it later.
I swear I felt like "If You Give A Moose A Muffin" Road Trip/Fishing Excursion Edition. 

Tuesday night when I got home from work I planned to crank out that video. I knew it would be a quick make & I could spend time making it cute w/ good menus, etc.

I tried to use Windows Movie Maker. That program has progressively gotten worse over the years.

It crashed over & over.
I got almost completely finished editing about 3 of those times. I was ready to throw the program out the window.
Today was her last day of school & was determined to have it done so her kids could watch it. They were so excited for this movie.

Wednesday night I had a couple people visiting me at 6 & my house was a disaster from neglect from the previous 2 days.

I got home from work at about 5:30, cleaned like a mad-woman. Had them visit at 6, then I ran over to the church building where I was in charge of the youth activity that night. I was there from 6:45-9p.m. & then I was determined to finish that movie for this morning. I used Adobe Premier & cranked out the movie. It took me 3 hours. Just to get a rough edit. I was so exhausted I kept falling asleep while moving clips around in the video.
I just had to burn it just so the kids could see it. I can touch it up later.
Begin burning & my Adobe Premier is requiring me to register my serial number.
Epic failure.

This morning I brought my laptop to work & registered my serial number & burnt the disc.
Sean & I met in a parking lot at 11:10 a.m. to do the disc exchange & her school lets out at 11:30.

Wow. A whirlwind doesn't even come close to the past couple weeks.

Also, this baby bump is growing. I took a picture the other day, but looked disgusting. 
Sorry, I'm not that shameless. I'll put up a picture soon, though!

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