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Collectors items.

We will be moving to Tennessee just when our baby is a couple months old, so for it's bedding arrangements I had a few requirements:
+Something I will want to keep
+Something affordable
+Something nice or re-finishable
+Not a crib (we don't have the space)
+Something small we can fit in our bedroom (Our bedroom is huge but shaped weird, because it has a plant ledge around 2 walls & windows, also. It leaves us with one way to arrange our bed furniture.)

So, I began my hunt. Everything I found was more than I was willing to fork out or just not what I was looking for.

I was convinced by good friends that a crib is worth buying new, because you keep it forever. I decided that I like that plan, but we don't have the $$ to buy one worth keeping forever. So, I started looking at cradles. I really wanted a wooden cradle, not one that sat on the floor, though, because I wanted to keep it next to my bed at night so I can tend the baby.
Everything I found looked like it was from the Amityville Horror house.
No, thanks.

The nice wooden cradles cost a few $'s.

I finally found this absolute prize.
It is being modeled by our Build-A-Bear baby bear swaddled in a manly fleece blanket.
Courtesy of my mom & dad when we told them we were pregnant.

It was $30.
It will be refinished.
 Here's our gliding rocking chair we got about 1.5 yrs ago when we were trying to rub pennies together for good luck to have a baby.
I finally refinished it in January, giving up hope that we'd get pregnant anytime soon and figured I should just recover it to match our bedroom, since we wouldn't be needing a nursery.
It is a great chair, just has a lot of ugly patches on the wood. We were going to refinish it for the nursery.
 (please excuse the blurriness)
It was $25.
Such a steal. Especially because it has the rocking ottoman as well. That is hard to find on the cheap.

I found this chair later for $30....it is in great condition minus some chipped parts & baby scribble all over the ottoman, but the structure of the chair is perfect. I HAD to get it...because the cushions looked much comfier & I was dreading sanding down the tiny bits & pieces of our above Goodwill chair.

We are waiting to find out the gender of our baby before refinishing this, because I have different nursery ideas for the two different genders. I am so excited though & can hardly wait to find out! We'll hopefully find out in 3 weeks as long as our little peanut isn't being a tease! I will post some finished pics of this chair down the road!

Anyways, we love our new chair and our old one is up for sale! If you know anyone looking for an old glider!

We also got a Boppy w/ a tray for $20 bucks. Good finds everywhere, folks. Any other suggestions for "must-haves" when having a baby?
I am trying to find them on KSL before we move to TN & don't have awesome classifieds anymore!


  1. How exciting! I ended up getting a bouncer after Alex was born and it saved me ...only way I can take a shower still! I would bet you could get a killer deal from someone, and it doesn't need to be anything fancy. Also, I did get a swing from someone that was done having babies and that has been nice. I hear not all babies like them though so I would either wait and see how your baby is or else get one for real cheap so you don't feel bad if the babe isn't in to it.

  2. A bouncer or a swing is really, really nice, but I didn't have either until my third baby, so you can get along without them. They have lots of baby stuff for cheap at Kid to Kid. Good luck and have fun shopping!

  3. We have LOVED yard sales. Seriously they have become my best friend when looking for baby stuff!


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