BYU Freshman

So I was thinkin it would be fun to share some of my favorite times of my freshman year, just because I didn't blog then! Don't worry, there's pictures to go along with them :) Top Left: After our Temple Square Trip, Me, Whit, and Syd Top Left: Me and Syd on Halloween, can you guess what we are? Middle Left: Mitch and Me, the night before he went into the mtc, i sneak attacked him w/ a hug! Right Side: Me and my Intermural Soccer Team, we did really well that season! Cory and me! He's in Japan on his mish now! Andrew, Me Syd, Mac, Daniel and Cory! Me and David @ a bonfire! Tara, Whit, Me, Dani, Maegan, Carla and Diana on Easter Sunday! Diana, Me, Syd and Carla @ our last Ward Wrap-Up! :( Austin, Diana, Alison, Jason and Me @ General Conference! It was my first time goin, it was so great! Syd and Me @ a bonfire Me and Syd doin laundry! Me, Tara and Whit layin on the grass on a Sunday afternoon Me after my first little er visit Me & Naaki in the Cannon Center A little IHOP excursion is always good! We had a lot of fun w/ Syd's Macbook Me, Tara, Anna and Whit before out temple trip! Syd and I @ ward wrap-up Jordan Allen w/ all the girls at his farewell party! Cory, Jason, Whit, Tara, David, Me, Daniel, Andrew, Carla, Mac and Diana Me and Syd after our rap @ our ward variety show! It was SO fun! Diana, Carla and I walkin to church IN THE SNOW! Bryan, Me and Andrew(the Ray twins), I'm SUCH a lucky girl :) Carla and I sledding with our bodies, who needs sleds when you've got ceran wrap? Syd, Diana, Me and Carla eating our dippin dots @ a baseball game!


  1. awww ROO! this is so great! you just love BYU huh? you and your cute friends.

  2. aw, so CUTE! I miss those days! We had it good, didn't we?! next year is going to rock though too in our apts :) i'll make sure to select my couch in your pad asap!! xoxo

  3. I stalked your page from Diana's and I love it. Good job girl. You need to somehow join the Gardner family...I guess the only option is Matt, or Andrew...but that might be a few years.


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