Life Lately

Life is so sweet!
Ivy had her 1 year check up & is growing like a champ!
She has gotten a little taller to 29.5 inches! We're glad! We were starting to wonder where her genes came from since Weston & I have both been tall since babyhood!

We love having her around, she is such a happy toddler.

She LOVES to read books.
This is one of her favorite books.
We got it for her birthday & she reads it non-stop & she has her animal noises down pat!
She loves time with Uncle Chase!
He saves the day with me, too, since I'm pretty beat by the time night rolls around & no hubby around to ask for assistance on days where I feel totally beat!
She LIVES to play outside!
She loves picking up everything she sees & then sticks it all on her mouth.
I loved being back in TN for the entire Christmas season.
This charming town has so many awesome traditions.
This year Ivy got to experience the Christmas parade.. she loved it, except the temperature dropped significantly from the time we left the house to the time the parade started.. we froze..& she wished she was napping (It started at her afternoon nap time)
But she still really enjoyed it!
Afterwards we subjected her to more exhaustion by taking a trip to Sam's. Patient, patient baby.
Here she is on a Sunday night waiting patiently for Daddy to make her a bottle before bed.
We laughed over our wrapping jobs. Each year Weston & I compete for worst wrapping job. I always win. Seriously, I'm terrible.
Just lovingly poking her baby in the eye.
She's had another round of teething. Luckily it didn't last that long & her fourth upper tooth popped through, but she had a couple of not very good sleep during it!  I played games with my family while Weston worked & Ivy loved getting back out of bed for games!
She was pretty good with the Christmas tree! She wanted to touch everything, but was pretty gentle with it all!
Watching Christmas lights!
Sweet girl always has a smile on her face!
I will never love anything as much as my sweet baby bundled up in footie jammies!
She started walking at 10.5 months & has lately been really loving holding her hand out for us to walk with her. It is so sweet.
This day she looked up at Weston & smiled with such affection & reached for my hand & all three of us walked. She looked at him & looked at me with the most content & pleased face to be there walking with Mommy & Daddy. It completely melted my heart.
The binkie has been making more of an appearance the past couple of days... teething hasn't been fun, but it's a nice thing to chew on at all times!
She mimics everything I do & here she was "drying" her hands off on the towel.
Those are just some of the daily ins & outs & I thought I'd share a few.
Life is so very good & we are doing really well & are so blessed!

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